Culture Club

BJ Anders

Follow the angel...



CD-disc 1-SOUND
1. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
2. Black Comedy/I'll Tumble For You
3. It's A Miracle
4. Everything I Own
5. Gimme A Sign
6. I Just Wanna Be Loved
7. That's The Way
8. Black Money
9. Cold Shoulder
10. Move Away
11. Strange Voodoo
12. Church Of The Poisoned Mind
13. Miss Me Blind
14. Victims
15. Starman
16. Karma Chameleon
17. Bow Down Mister

DVD disc 2
(NTSC all regions-DVD9) VISION

1 Intro
2. Do you Really Want To Hurt Me?
3. Black Comedy/I'll Tumble For You
4. It's A Miracle
5. Everything I Own
6. Gimme A Sign
7. I Just Wanna Be Loved
8. Talk Amongst Yourselves
9. That's The Way
10. Black Money
11. Cold Shoulder
12. Move Away
13. Strange Voodoo
14. Church Of The Poisoned Mind
15. Miss me Blind
16. Victims
17. Starman
18. Karma Chameleon
19. Bow Down Mister


During the summer of 2002 at a historic sold out gig at London's prestigious Royal Albert Hall CULTURE CLUB, who since 1982 had achieved success on a global scale with the Hits coming thick and fast not only in the UK but also Europe, USA and Japan played to the audience a global jukebox of 20 years of great music.

BOY GEORGE said of this historic 20th Anniversary concert "I shouted at the audience "I'm f******* singing a ballad, shut up" and Roy said afterwards "in twenty years you ain't changed" and howled with laughter. I have often described Culture Club as a living soap opera and I've asked friends to tell me never to tour with them again at my lowest moments. However, we have a magic together and this gig at the Royal Albert Hall captures it perfectly".


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