Streaming Hot

Streaming Hot

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1. "Do You Really Want Me Back" BROKEN ENGLISH
2. "Screaming Jets" JOHNNY WARMAN
3. "Wild In The Streets" BRITISH LIONS
4. "Oh Yeah" BROKEN HOME
5. "This Worlds For Everyone" The KORGIS
6. "No Mean City" MAGGIE BELL
7. "The Road To Venezuela" STACKRIDGE
8. "Analytical Engine" MO FOSTER
9. "Sweet Surrender" RAY RUSSELL
10. "Slow Ride" FOGHAT
11. "It's Not Easy" CONSORTIUM
12. "Don't Be A Dummy" JOHN DU CANN
13. "Everybody Wants You To Make It" The STORYS
14. "The Ending Credits" ROB THOMPSON
15. "Irish Boy" ERIC BELL
16. "Walk The Line" RAY MAJORS


How to celebrate a UK independent labels 16th birthday? It was a difficult call and in the current ever changing music business it was proving difficult to come up with a meaningful way of celebrating the milestone of both 16 years existence and 16 years profitable trading.

The label decided to release a CD celebrating the labels birthday with 16 of the most streamed tracks from the Angel Air catalogue of over 5,000 tracks in 2012. Compiled from actual streaming reports from SPOTIFY and DEEZER we present "Streaming Hot"

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