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1 We'll See It Through The Moonlighters 1966
2 Too Late To Come Home The Moonlighters 1966
3 A Man Before His Time David Lee Martin 1967
4 Iíve Said All Before David Lee Martin 1967
5 Another Day Goes By Seth Martin 1968
6 Look At Me Seth Martin 1968
7 Don't You Know (Single Version) Butterscotch 1970
8 In This World Of Loving You Butterscotch 1970
9 Is It All In Your Mind Butterscotch 1970
10 I Only Have To Look At You Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1970
11 Who In The World Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1971
12 It's A Pity That The Ship Is Sinking
Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1971
13 Close Your Eyes Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1971
14 Rome Wasn't Built In A Day Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1974
15 Early Days Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1971
16 True Feeling Sky & Company 1974
17 One Day I'll Write a Book Sky & Company 1974
18 Is It Yes or No Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1972
19 Windows Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1972
20 Can I Believe You David Martin 1975
21 Sweet Angeline Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1971


1 Nothing But The Best Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1973
2 Old Father Time David Martin 1975
3 Some Other Story Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1971
4 This Way That Way Butterscotch 1974
5 From Red To Blue Arnold,Martin,Morrow 1975
6 I Believe In You Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1971
7 Take Me As You Find Me Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1975
8 We Got A Home to Go To Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1974
9 Tomorrows Song Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1974
10 Days David Martin 1975
11 World I Love You Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1974
12 Three Wishes Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1974
13 Nice To Be Home Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1974
14 Is Everybody Happy Butterscotch 1973
15 Theme From Arethuza Dustin Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1974
16 Lazy Weekend Arnold, Martin, Morrow 1973
17 First Night The Original Cast 1977
18 Knock Me Down The Original Cast 1977
19 Cant Smile Without You David Martin 1975

AMMO was the collective name used by gifted songwriters CHRIS ARNOLD, DAVID MARTIN and GEOFF MORROW aka BUTTERSCOTCH but that as they say is another story. The guys got together one night in 1964 when they demoed a song ultimately recorded by BILLY FURY "In Thoughts Of You" which reached number 5 in the UK charts. During the 60ís they wrote further songs for Billy Fury, CLIFF RICHARD, FRANK IFIELD and CILLA BLACK.

In the early 70ís they decided to release their own songs under the Butterscotch name and had a UK Top 20 Hit with "Donít You Know" as well as a Japanese Hit with "Surprise Surprise". After their brief flirtation with performing the guys went back to writing for other artists and they wrote all the singles for RESCUE Co No 1 as well as the smash hit for BARRY MANILOW "Canít Smile Without You", ELVIS PRESLEY. JOE BROWN, GUYS & DOLLS, CARPENTERS, ENGLEBERT HUMPERDINCK, DUSTY SPRINGIELD, EDWIN STARR to name just a few-collectively they have sold over 26 million records around the world and received the most prestigious award for songwriting, an Ivor Novello.

This 2CD set includes original versions of songs that became worldwide hits, unreleased demos and tracks that they released under the name Butterscotch and Arnold, Martin, Morrow from their most creative years of 1966 to 1977.

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