Phillip Goodhand-Tait

Phillip Goodhand-Tait

Follow the angel...



1. Oceans Away 2. Laundry
3. Angeltown 4. Leon
5. Warm Summer Rain 6. One More Rodeo
7. Iím Ready (willing & able) 8. Just A Dream
9. Oh Boy 10. The Lady Lives in England
11. Everday 12. Inter-city Flight
13. Parade 14. Airborne

15. Tribute To Ricky Nelson
16. Radio Play The Song Again


PHILLIP GOODHAND-TAIT is one of those rare individuals who has enjoyed commercial success as a singer/songwriter as well as writing Hits for other artists such as LOVE AFFAIR "A Day Without Love", Bringing On Back The Good Times", "One Road", ROGER DALTREY, GENE PITNEY and ZOOT MONEY as well as writing the soundtracks for films such as "Universal Soldier".

This release though focuses on his solo career as a singer/songwriter and is his performance in concert at RADIO BREMEN, GERMANY in 1977 accompanied by just a beautiful Steinway Piano Phillip conveys the original feel to a number of songs he had written.

Listen to a musical master at the top of his game.


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