Robert George

Follow the angel...



1. You
2. Guilty
3. Your Loss My Gain
4. World
5. Rock And A Hard Place
6. Little Sister
7. Shall I Lie
8. Lovepower And Peace
9. Seduction Song
10. I Want
11. Take Away My Pain
12. Don't Call Me
13. Bluesong (live)
14. Cry Wolf (live)

ROBIN GEORGE is a multi skilled and highly gifted individual who is widely admired as one of the most gifted British guitarists, respected producer and prolific songwriter. He was in the studio working with his then band NOTORIOUS and FUZZBOX where in the next room recording, so he got to know VIX their lead singer.

He teamed up in 1990 with VIX (former lead singer of FUZZBOX who in the late 80's had UK Top 20 single HITS with "International Rescue", "Pink Sunshine" and "Self"). Together they created an AOR rock album that showcases their joint skills and attributes.

Two of the tracks on this album are in fact reworkings of two Fuzzbox songs "Your Loss, My Gain" and "You"

Two live tracks have been included on this release from NIA, Birmingham, England from the mid 90's with their band The Promise.

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