Follow the angel...



1. Baby J
2. Rock-Ola
3. Red Hot Teens
4. Follow That Car
5. Hometown Girls: Downtown Pearls
6. Smack
7. Movie Star
8. Lucinda You’re A Sinner
9. The Firestorm And Aftermath
10. Ultrastar
11. Wildfire
12. Boy Racer
13. The Hollywood Brats


ROCOCO were one of the most exciting rock bands performing in London in the 1970s, and were usually categorised - as everything had to be in those days - as a progressive rock group, a genre well represented on "The Firestorm And Other Love Songs" , the second Rococo album from Angel Air Records which was recorded in the period 1973 to 1978. Released a year after their debut album, the critically-acclaimed "Run From The Wildfire" (SJPCD337), the second collection also features the band’s lighter side, further revealing the diversity and range of styles, and the ability to switch from one to another with ease, that made it difficult for record labels to figure them out.

The band, featuring Roy Shipston, Ian Raines, Rod Halling, Clive Edwards and John "Rhino" Edwards, had three singles released in that era but no LPs, although they recorded more than enough material for two albums. They had singles "Wildfire" and "Ultrastar" out on Decca’s "progressive" Deram label and "Follow That Car" on Mountain Records, but both declined to take up options because the follow-up "45s" the band presented were too much of a contrast to the original songs. Even before their second single release, in 1976, Rococo were frequently referred to as "the best unsigned band in London". Now, with today’s de-classifications and mish-mash of music styles, at least one record company understands what Rococo were about. Fans of rock and pop music who saw them then - and those who have heard the band since - always did.


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