Dave Greenslade


Follow the angel...



1. Routes
2. A Valentyne
3. Signing Contracts In The Dark
4. Touch Of Fire
5. Conversations
6. Fishakka
7. Born In Eternity Time
8. Thanks For Having Me
9. Sideways
10. In Dreams
11. Boogaloo
12. A Last Dance
13. Roots


Most musicians dream of creating and playing in one commercially successful band. Dave Greenslade had not one but two. He is still in COLOSSEUM and created one of the first prog rock bands GREENSLADE.

Dave is currently playing a 22 date European tour with Colosseum, completing a new album with the band and has plans to reform Greenslade in 2012 to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

"Routes/Roots" is Dave’s new album that highlights a keyboard virtuoso’s talents with touches of prog rock to even jazz.

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