Andy Kim

Andy Kim

Follow the angel...



1. 3 Days In Heaven 2. Judy Garland
3. This Is Me 4. The Oh, Oh, Song
5. Love Is 6. Happen Again
7. I Forgot To Mention 8. Love Has Never Been My Friend
9. Someday 10. Without You


ANDY KIM is well known for his prodigious song writing skills and successful recording career. At the tender age of seventeen he penned 'Sugar Sugar' with renowned writer/producer Jeff Barry, a song that became a worldwide number #1 smash for The Archies. In the spring of 1974, Andy released the self-penned 'Rock Me Gently,' which topped the charts in the USA, the UK, and in Europe. These and other Andy Kim hits have sold thirty million copies to-date.

Poised to continue that hit streak is Happen Again, his first new album in 20 years, comprised of nine compelling Andy Kim songs, as well as one co-written with and produced by BARENAKED LADIES front man, Ed Robertson: 'I Forgot To Mention.'

In a world where surface often passes for substance, Andy opens up his heart and soul, and strikes a chord within all of us again and again on Happen Again.

This is the CD his many fans have been waiting for!

Hal Cragin (bass: Iggy Pop, They Might Be Giants) Gannin Arnold (guitar: Taylor Hawkins, Chris Chaney, Cheap Trick) Bob Medici (drums: Lou Reed, Roger Daltry) Jim Goodwin (keyboards: The Call, John Cale) Andy Kim (acoustic guitar)

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