Bobby Harrison

Bobby Harrison

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1. Long Gone SNAFU 2. Don't Keep Me Wondering SNAFU 3. Bloodhound SNAFU
4. Lock & Key SNAFU 5. Goodbye USA SNAFU 6. Thinkin About You BOBBY HARRISON
7. Spotlight BOBBY HARRISON 8. Little Linda Lovejoy BOBBY HARRISON
9. Drowning In The Sea Of Love SNAFU 10. Frustrated Women FREEDOM
11. Cleopatra Jones BOBBY HARRISON 12. To Be Free FREEDOM
13. King Of The Night BOBBY HARRISON 14. A Whiter Shade Of Pale BOBBY HARRISON

1. The Hunter 3:16 BOBBY HARRISON 2. Going Down FREEDOM 3. Cut In Two NOBODYS BUSINESS
6. Nobody's Business NOBODYS BUSINESS 7. Losing You NOBODYS BUSINESS
8. Time Of The Season FREEDOM 9. Its Over BOBBY HARRISON 10. Hot Stuff BOBBY HARRISON
11. Oh Pretty Women BOBBY HARRISON 12. Miss Little Louise FREEDOM 13. Overload BOBBY HARRISON
14. Looking For A Friend BOBBY HARRISON 15 The Better Side FREEDOM 16 The Butt Of Deception FREEDOM


BOBBY HARRISON first taste of pop fame was as a member of GOLDEN APPLES OF THE SUN who released a single on the now infamous Immediate label in 1965. However it was a drummer with legendary band PROCUL HARUM that Bobby achieved worldwide fame with the hits 'Whiter Shade Of Pale' and 'Homburg'.

A change of management for Procol Harum left Bobby feeling deeply uncomfortable with the new team and after a financial deal was brokered Bobby left with the old Manager and formed FREEDOM who recorded between 1968 and 1972 five critically acclaimed albums with Bobby on lead vocals.

Following the demise of Freedom Bobby recorded a solo album 'Funkist' which scored on the USA Billboard Chart. Early 1973 Bobby looked to form a band again and teamed up with MICKY MOODY and they formed SNAFU who recorded three critically acclaimed albums before grinding to a halt.

Taking a new direction Bobby formed NOBODYS BUSINESS with JOE JAMMER and TONY STEVENS (Foghat) and was on the brink of success in Japan when the band's manager was tragically killed in a car crash which was the catalyst for the band calling it a day.

Bobby’s next adventure was fronting an all black band called NIAGRARA which led to a session being recorded  forTOMMY VANCE. This then led to Bobby going to Iceland where he recorded an Icelandic Top 20 album 'Solid Silver' with the guys from MEZZOFORTE playing on Bobby’s album

This Anthology draws tracks from 1968 to date from FREEDOM to SNAFU to solo album tracks to a newly recorded version of  'Whiter Shade Of Pale'

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