Danny Peyronel

Danny Peyronel

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1. Make Room For Noah 2. Lie For A Lie 3. Never been Cool 4. Affection
5. Make the Monkey Dance 6. Ships In the Night 7. Midnight At The Lost And Found
8. When Iím Dead 9. Bigger Than Love 10. 8.25 (Eight Twenty Five)
11. Highway Lady 12. Happy13. This Heart Is Broken

DANIEL AUGUSTO PEYRONEL arrived in London in 1973 from New York and joined The HEAVY METAL KIDS. He met PETE WAY in 1975 and joined UFO creating the classic 'No Heavy Petting' album and writing both of the bands singles 'Highway Lady' and 'Can You Roll Her'.

Danny then left UFO to form TARZEN who played in Europe and the Americas for 5 years until 1990. In 1985 he co wrote 'Fear' for SADE for her multi platinum selling album 'Promise'. He then worked on 'Profiles', the collaboration between NICK MASON (Pink Floyd) and RICK FENN (10cc) writing the songs 'Israel' (he also sang lead vocal) and 'Lie For a Lie' .

Since 1990 he has worked with Desmond Child who wrote for BON JOVI, CHER, and AEROSMITH amongst many others. When in 2005 The Heavy Metal Kids reformed for the album 'Hit The Right Button', Danny was the driving force, providing lead vocals and writing and co-writing the bulk of the material.

'Make The Monkey Dance' is Danny's only solo album to date from 2005 released only in Germany. Now remastered press play and enjoy another chapter in the incredibly cool and successful career of Danny Peyronel.


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