Bobby Harrison

Young Blood

Follow the angel...



1) Fantasy 2) American Bride 3) Run For Your Life
4) Doin' The Best That I Can 5) Can't Stop Rocking
6) Talkin' About L.O.V.E. 7) Heartache
8) Shine On 9) Thunder In The Mountains
10) Hold On To Love 11) Your Money Or Your Life
12) Good Time Tonight 13) Dangerous Games
14) Ray Gun (Shoot Me Like A) 15) Shoulda Known Better


YOUNG BLOOD were formed in the early 80ís in the NWOBHM era and like lots of new young bands they soon found critical acclaim with their Conquest Records release 12" EP "First Blood" and massive amounts of touring including Marquee, Dingwalls as well as a 22 date supporting to PHIL LYNOTT and his new band GRAND SLAM. Numerous other support dates with TOKYO BLADE, She, Thor Stray followed culminating with their support of MOTORHEAD at Hammersmith Odeon during May 1984. They signed to The Agency who immediately offered them the all important exclusive tour contracts.

The band became the "darlings" of the rock press with GARRY BUSHELL of SOUNDS placing the band on the front cover of their May 12 th issue. Other notable press reviews followed in KERRANG which culminated with offers of record deals from Bronze and Capitol Records. The band was hot and they accepted a deal with Bronze but at the same time there were issues with personnel so the signing was put on hold until these were resolved. By the time the personnel issues were resolved personal changes at record companies meant that there was now no deal on the table and the band sadly continued another 12 months before they called it a day.

Now released for the first time on CD the rare "First Blood" EP and the full previously unreleased album.

Crank up loud and enjoy.


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