Gerry McAvoy

Gerry McAvoy

Follow the angel...


1 Misunderstood 2 Can't Win Em' All 3 Chose To Sing The Blues
4 Born Too Late 5 Behan 6 Oh' What A Shame
7 Troubled Heart 8 I Gotta Move
9 Midnight Man 10 Runaway 11 Help Me Through The Day


GERRY McAVOY is an exceptional and gifted Irish blues rock bass guitarist who is known for his 30 plus years playing bass with RORY GALLAGHER and was the only consistent factor on all of Rory's 14 solo albums which have sold over 30 million copies worldwide.

After Gallagher's death in 1995 Gerry moved on and joined NINE BELOW ZERO whom he still plays with today all over the world 2005 saw the publication of his autobiography 'Riding Shotgun-35 years on the road with Rory Gallagher and Nine Below Zero'

'Can't Win 'Em All' is his first solo album and captures not only his solid bass line, complex notes, rhythms and songwriting skills as well as his deep warm enchanting vocals.

Gerry McAvoy, Tommy Willis, Davy Flett, Jimmy the Greek, Mark Feltham, Brendan ONeill, Ian Kewley

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