Roy Young

Roy Young

Follow the angel...


CD 1

1. Big Fat Mama 2. Hey Little Girl 3. I Go Ape 4. Just Keep It Up 5. She Said Yeah
6. Keep A Knockin 7. Use Me 8. Space Racer
9. Lovely Rita 10. Wild Country Wine 11. Backwood Road
12. Let It Rock 13. Searchin 14. Like My Mama Boogie Woogied

CD 2

1. Boney Maroni 2. Devil's Daughter 3. Shufflin 4. Boogie Man
5. Slow Down  6. She's A Woman 7. Beautiful Man
8. Mess Around 9. Still Young 10. Light My Fire Again
11. Johnny Reb 12. White Cliffs of Dover 13.Victory Day
14. I Wanna Do My Boogie Woogie


One of rock'n' roll's greatest entertainers celebrating his half century as a professional musician has put together this 2 CD set of tracks spanning that entire period of rock 'n' roll, blues and soul described by one critic as "a mixture between Little Richard, Ray Charles and Joe Cocker".

Roy auditioned back in 1959 for Jack Good and performed on the now legendary BBC TV Show "Oh Boy!" Other TV Shows followed and Roy found himself opening for The BEATLES in Hamburg and subsequently spent 4 years playing on the Reeperbahn. Brian Epstein asked Roy to return to London with The Beatles as he could arrange a recording contract for him-Roy declined as he was committed to his performances in Germany.

After returning to the UK Roy joined CLIFF BENNETT & The REBEL ROUSERS and performed on their hits. He released solo albums "The Roy Young Band" in 1971 and "Mr Funky" in 1972 and tracks from those albums are included on this 2CD set.

In 1977 DAVID BOWIE asked Roy to play keyboards on his album "Low" which they recorded in Paris.

After many years of living in the USA Roy returned to UK in 2000 and returned to live performances including Beatles Festival in Berlin and Star Club, Hamburg 40th anniversary.

A new solo album was released in 2002 "Still Young" with tracks written by DENNIS MORGAN one of the most successful songwriters in the world.

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