Verden Allen


Follow the angel...


1. My Masochistic Side 2. Find Yourself 3. Itís A Funny Old World 4. Donít Do This To Me
5. Affected 6. Baby 7. Apollo 09 8. In The City 9. Long Time No See 10. Sweet, Sweet Girl


VERDEN ALLEN shot to fame as a founder member of MOTT THE HOOPLE and he will perform as part of that legendary band in October 2009 when the original five members reform to play to 5 sell out nights at HMV Apollo, London.

His new solo album highlights once again Verdenís honed song writing skills as well as his trademark Hammond Organ aimed at all fans of good rock music. The swirling Hammond Organ and striking vocals shows how fundamental he was to the success of Mott The Hoople.

This album is a good mix of rock tracks and ballads and will appeal to both existing fans and those who are curiously open minded.

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