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1. The Smoke Of Eden 2. The Last Ballet 3. My Star
4. St Elizabeth Of Hungary 5. High Mass 6. Bristol Museum
7. The Commodore 8. Cartoon 9. Why Do You Laugh?
10. Goodbye 11. Flowers Of The Sea 12. Birds
13. Jigsaw 14. The Mirror 15. Reflections
16. Louisí Fool 17. The Cumberland Brigade 18. Red Light In Arcady


BEAU signed to the now infamous label DANDELION RECORDS in 1968 and in July 1969 was the very first artist to release a single on the late JOHN PEELíS fledgling label '1917 Revolution' making it to the Number 1 slot in Lebanon!

Two albums followed 'Beau' in 1969 and 'Creation' in 1971. In mid 1972 Beau and The Way We Live (now renamed TRACTOR) went into the studio to record his third album provisionally titled 'High Mass'. Dandelion then folded and the recordings from that session have sat in the can until now.

The five tracks from that 1972 session are on this release as well as tracks recorded by Beau from the period 1975 to 1985.

In his 1976 book 'Electric Children' JACQUES VASSAL wrote 'probably the most neglected songwriter of all is Beau'. We could not have put it better. JOHN PEEL however said 'A remarkable writer and performer of songs and well worth listening to under any circumstances'


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