Sound Of Poetry

Mike Read

Follow the angel...



1. Cliff Richard 'November Night' 2. Marc Almond 'Narcissus' 3. Don McLean ' Farwell'
4. Paul Young 'Greenaway' 4. Jon Anderson 'Youth & Age'
6. Richard Sharp 'Pershore Station' 7. Colin Blunstone 'Peggy'
8. Gene Pitney 'Myfanwy At Oxford' 9. Leo Sayer 'Indoor Games
10. Donovan 'Moira McCavendish' 11. Mike Read 'Distant View'
12. Colin Blunstone 'In Memory' 13. The Rodolfus Choir 'Sunday Morning'
14. David Essex 'Myfanwy'


1. Justin Hayward 'Tregardock' 2. Steve Harley 'Harrow On The Hill'
3. Donovan 'Newest Bath Guide' 4. Elliot Frisby 'Archibald'
5. Annie Haslam 'Hunter Trials' 6. Mike Read 'Subalterns Love Song (Joan Hunter Dunn)'
7. Eton College Chapel Choir 'May Day Song For North Oxford'
8. Captain Sensible 'Parliament Hill Fields' 9. Ian MacNabb 'Slough'
10. Students Of Architecture 'NW5 & N6 (Highgate At Eventide)'
11. Alvin Stardust 'Executive' 12. Mike Read 'The Fete Champetre'
13. Cantabile ' Upper Lambourn' 14. Simon Bowman 'Late Flowering Lust'
15. David Grant 'Conversion' 16. Alvin Stardust 'Christmas'


MIKE READ has always loved writing, reading and performing music and poetry. Whilst reading poetry from the late SIR JOHN BETJEMAN it opened the musical floodgates and over the years he wrote melodies which came into his head whilst reading the poems.

He played several early demos to Lady Betjeman and she was supportive of the project. He then approached SIR GEORGE MARTIN who loved the project and got involved in the first four songs who then bought on board ROD EDWARDS to complete the albumís production.

CD2 was produced by JON SWEET. Mike approached artists that he thought were absolutely right for each song and CLIFF RICHARD, DAVID ESSEX, COLIN BLUNSTONE, GENE PITNEY and STEVE HARLEY are just a few of the talented individuals who were involved in this 30 track set.

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