Mike Read

Mike Read

Follow the angel...


1. Trainspotters 'High Rise' 2. Trainspotters 'Hiring The Hall'
3. Ghosts 'My Town'  4. Trainspotters 'Unfaithful'
5. Mike Read 'Beatles Lullaby' 6. Rock-olas 'Dizzy'
7. Mike Read 'Promised Land' 8. Mike Read 'Tell Me Iím Wrong'
9. Rock-olas ' Letís Dance' 10. Mike Read 'Have Your Own Way
11. Rock-olas 'Language Of Love' 12. Mike Read 'Somebody To Love'
13. Rock-olas 'Lie In The Sun' 14. Mike Read 'Iím Your Man'
15. Grasshoppers 'Teardrops Feel Like Rain' 16. Micky Manchester 'Chamberlain Said'
17. Mike Read 'Are You Ready' 18. Mike Read 'London Town'
19. Micky Manchester 'Girls Were Made To Be Loved'
20. Rock-olas 'Big Tears' 21. Rock-olas 'Eyes Of Blue'
22.Trainspotters 'Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame'
23. Micky Manchester 'Have You Seen Your Daughter Mrs Jones'
24. Grasshoppers 'Teen Queen'


MIKE READ known to most from his BBC Radio days as well as hosting Top Of The Pops and Saturday Superstore has won numerous broadcaster of the year awards, written successful stage musicals, written dozens of books and over the past two decades released numerous singles which feature on this album As well as recording under his own name he also was The TRAINSPOTTERS, MICKY MANCHESTER, ROCK-OLAS, GRASSHOPPERS and The GHOSTS.

John D. Loudermilk was so impressed with Mike's version of his song ďLanguage Of LoveĒ that he suggested they perform together at Britain's
largest country music festival at Wembley that year.

Today Mike is broadcasting on Radio Big L as well as fronting the Red Satellite TV channel.

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