Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Follow the angel...


1. I'll Be Waiting 2. Wish Upon A Star 3. Guide My Energy (parts 1&2)
4. Say Girl 5. Responsibility 6. Kerri 7. Leslie 8. Wreck My Mind 9. Debbie's Theme
10. Tell Me About It Slim

BONUS ALBUM - The Memphis Demos

11. Bubba Rock 12. I'll Be Waiting 13. Claudette 14. Burning Love
15. Wish Upon A Star 16. Jimmy Dean's Back (live)
17. Shaking It Down 18. Better Love 19. Deep Love


Having auditioned for the slot made vacant by Mick Taylor, ROBERT JOHNSON at the age of 23 was in his opinion too young and too American
to join The Rolling Stones. In 1974 he secured the lead guitar slot in Who bass players JOHN ENTWISTLEís OX where he stayed for the next
three years.

In 1978 the world was finally exposed to ROBERT JOHNSON solo artist whose two albums were released in UK on the Ensign Label (bonus album 'The Memphis Demos' was released in 1980'.)

With a name like Robert Johnson there was initially some confusion with the late blues hero but once the music was played and a fresh faced blonde hair kid exposed to the press/public there was no confusion this was the 70ís Robert.

He toured in support of 'Close Personal Friend' opening for amongst others The POLICE and The KNACK but 'bad vibes and bad management' doomed his band and albums to a premature fate.

Crank up loud and enjoy.


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