Davey Pattison

Davey Pattison

Follow the angel...


CD1 Mississippi Nights

1. Have A Look At Yourself 2. Mississippi Nights 3. Daydreaming 4. Feel Like Screaming
5. I Got The Hots For You 6. Pretty One 7. Houston Street Blues
8. Slow Down 9. Too Hot To Sleep

CD2 Pictures

1. Waiting as Fast As I Can 2. Married To The Blues 3. Gypsy Womanís Got The Blues
4. Judas 5. Iím The Only One (for Valerie) 6. John Lee, Jimmy Reed and
Mississippi Fred 7. Pictures 8. Born To The House of Blues 9. Wish
10. Just Who You Are 11. Mr Henpecked 12. Blues at My Window
13. Hollywood 14. Wild Mountain Thyme (for Nell)


DAVEY PATTISON is a singer with a pretty impressive CV. Lead singer over the years with GAMMA, RONNIE MONTROSE, MICHAEL
and ROBIN TROWER and thatís before we list the session work.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland and playing clubs and bars he suddenly in 1972 found himself in USA as lead singer with Gamma. Davey wrote a number of their HITS including 'Thunder & Lightning', 'No Tears', 'Razor King' and their 'classic' 'Voyager'.

In 1986 he got a call from Robin Trower to sing on the' Passion' album then in the early 90ís he rejoined Gamma for the 'Diva Station' album and a tour to support a 'Greatest Hits' set.

'Mississippi Nights' the first of his solo albums was recorded in 1999 and the follow up 'Pictured' was recorded in 2003 and he called on his
numerous friends and contacts to play on these fine albums which have never before been released outside of USA.

In 2004 he rejoined Robin Trower recording the albums 'Living Out Of Time' and 'Anotherís Dayís Blues' and shortly embarks on another world tour with Robin Trower band in 2008. Rhythm &Blues Rock at its best


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