Mo Foster

Mo Foster

Follow the angel...


1. It's About That Time Of Day 2. Leo 3. Omapere Dawn
4. On Frith Street 5. Mangonui 6. Guardians
7. Waves Il 8. Shades Of Grey 9. Let's Go On Somewhere
10. The Long Man Of Wilmington 11. A Notional Anthem 12. Time To Think


13. Puddy's Theme

MO FOSTER has already had his previous studio albums released on Angel Air 'Bel Assis'  and 'Southern Reunion' to great critical acclaim.

Now his third album recorded in 1999 is given its first major release having previously only been available from his own small label.

'Time To Think' is essentially an acoustic album in an ambient space (St Michaels Church, Summertown, Oxford) The music was interpreted by the talented musicians Mo had assembled who improvised melodically, kept perfect time and whilst doing all that, swing like the clappers!

Mo Foster, Ray Russell, Simon Chamberlain, Frank Ricotti,Iain Ballamy

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