Jeff Christie

Outer Limits and Jeff Christie

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CD1-OUTER LIMITS 'Outer Limits'

1. When The Work Is Done 2. Just One More Chance 3. Just Help Me Please
4. Great Train Robbery (demo) 5. Sweet Freedom 6. The Dream
7. Stop 8. Everything I Touch 9. Any Day Now 10. See It My Way
11. Funny Clown 12. Listen 13. Paper Jake 14. Days Of Spring
15. Epitaph For A Nonentity 16. Man In The Middle Of Nowhere 17. Itís Your Turn Now
18. Dancing Water 19. Look At Me 20. Run For Cover 21. Mr Mageeís Incredible Banjo Band
22. Tomorrow Night

CD2- JEFF CHRISTIE 'Floored Masters-Past Imperfect'

1. Turn On Your Love Light 2. Both Ends Of The Rainbow 3. You Got The Love
4 Midnight Express 5. Troubadour 6. Back On The Boards 7. Another Point Of View
8. You And Me 9. On The Same Side 11. Saints And Sinners 12. Take Me As You Find Me
13. Tightrope 14. Somebody Else 15. In A Rich Mans Shoes 16. Jody


17. Shine On 18. Turning To Stone 19. It Ainít Easy 20. Shake Off These Chains
21. Back In The Jungle 22. Yuletide Lights


JEFF CHRISTIE achieved worldwide success with his group CHRISTIE and their Number one smash 'Yellow River' and 'San Bernardino' in 1970. Prior to forming Christie, Jeff was in a group called OUTER LIMITS who had a number of singles released in 19767/68 on the Deram and Immediate labels.

Released for the first time ever are their complete recordings from that period. After Christie Jeff recorded a solo album in the late 70ís 'Floored Master' which for contractual issues was never released-until now.

Credible pop music from 60/70ís.

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