Gary Husband

Gary Husband

Follow the angel...


CD 1
1. Invocation 2. England Green 3. The Signpost Maker 4. a) View Through The Scaffold b) Dream Of Love
5. 2 Mins 16 Seconds For Miles Dewey 6. a) Talking Traffic Light b) Something She Said 7. The Stranger
8. a) Alan Murphy b) White And Dark Ribbon 9. a) Young Mice b) Moviehouse
10. Flashback 11. Le Petit Chemin De Fer 12. Blue Dreams
13. Savoy 14. The Photograph 15. Eyes Of A Clown 16. Promises Promises
17. a) Little Harbour b) Night Star 18. Some Splintered Road Jazz Pt 1 & 2
19. a) Shapes In The Snow b) Quiet Street 20. Deja Vu Express

CD 2
1. Dreamtown 2. Some Splintered Road Jazz Pt 3 3. Two Butterflies 4. Lonely Room
5. Neon 6. Christmas Mall 7. Give Us This Day 8. a) Jolt b) Peaceland
9. a) Spielzeug Soldat b) Magazine 10. Displacement 11. Nightclub 1989
12. a) Glaciers b) Rooftops Of Innsbruck 13. Some Splintered Road Jazz Pt 4 & 5
14. Showdown 15. a) Deco b) Yesterday Story 16. a) Water Boatmen b) Savoy - Alternate Take
17. There.Not There 18. The Complaint 19. Something She Said - Alternate Take
20. (Bonus Track) With Just Heart & Soul


The seminal, debut solo album of compelling music from a multi-instrumentalist and composer GARY HUSBAND (John McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth, Billy Cobham, Level 42, Robin Trower, Jack Bruce) has his solo album reissued with an entire bonus CD of previously unreleased material and outtakes complete with all new liner notes and cover artwork.

'Diary Of a Plastic Box' was GARY HUSBAND's very first solo album released in 1999 by a small independent label but was soon deleted due to label issues. However due to a overwhelming number of requests to Gary from all over the world he was inspired to revisit the original
album and now the album is remastered and extended to a 2CD set.


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