Nine Below Zero

Nine Below Zero

Follow the angel...
Sound & Vision


Disc 1-CD

1. 11 + 11 2. Down In The Dirt Again 3. The Rocker
4. One Way Street 5. Three Times Enough 6. Donít Point Your Finger
7. Mama Talk To Your Daughter 8. Riding on the 1 & N 9. I Canít Help Myself
10. Hoochie Coochie Coo 11. Pack Fair & Square 12. Homework/Hit The Road Jack

Disc 2-DVD9 NTSC - all regions

1. Duke 2. Be Careful 3. We Rock The House 4. You Donít Love Me
5. Wipe Away Your Kiss 4. White Boys Lost In The Blues 7. Loaded Gun
8. Ballard of Dombovar 9. Walking To Myself 10. Bring It On Home To Me
11. Wild Kicking Horses 12. Down By The River 13. On The Road Again
14. Soft Touch 15. Ridiní On The L&N 16. Why Donít You Try Me? 17. I Got My Mojo Working


1.We Donít Make Mistakes Soundcheck 2. Down By The River

Bonus Tracks

3. You Know It Ainít Right 4. Stone Fox Chase


2009 will bring the 30th anniversary of NINE BELOW ZERO and over the years the band has released both commercially and critically
acclaimed albums. The band plan to release a new album to coincide with their 30th Anniversary but as a career precursor to that anniversary they have worked with Angel Air on a CD/DVD release 'Both Sides Of'

The DVD element of this release was recorded in 2007 at The Rheghed, Cumbria, England and the CD was recorded live in 2006 from their
extensive tour of Serbia, Slovakia, Macedonia and Croatia.

Acoustic and plugged, either way you canít beat this band live!


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