Atomic Rooster

Atomic Rooster

Follow the angel...


1. The Dukes Theme 2. Make Me Strong 3. The Devil In Me 4. Fool
5. It Can Wait Another Day 6. C.O.D. 7. Mind Over Matter
8. A Matter of Time 9. Cut The Wire 10. X-MASS
11. Open Up The Sky 12. City Boy 13. The Band Played On
14. Different Words 15. Leopardís Skin 16. The Buck Stops Here
17. Somebodyís Looking After You?

BONUS TRACKS-The Polydor Singles 1981-82
18. Play It Again 19. Rebel With A Clause 20. Devils Answer (live)
21. End Of The Day 22. Night Living23. Tomorrow Night (live)


JOHN DU CANN lead singer and songwriter with ATOMIC ROOSTER was on a roll back in 1979. He and VINCENT CRANE had just reformed the band and had negotiated with EMI a licensing deal for a new album.

Straight after its release 1980 they made a move to Polydor who released two three track singles (included here as bonus tracks in their entirety) in 1981 and 1982.

A new album was required to back up the singles deal and John spent nearly 9 months writing and recording his songs for that killer album. Sadly Polydor 'passed' after the lack of single chart success and the album never saw the light of day -until now

Mastered under the watchful eye of Du Cann from masters supplied by him.


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