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1. Lummy Days 2. Friendliness 3. Anyone For Tennis 4. There Is No Refugee
5. Syracuse The Elephant 6. Amazingly Agnes 7. Father Frankenstein Is Behind Your Pillow
8. Keep On Clucking 9. Story Of My Heart 10. Friendliness (part 2) 11. Teatime


12. Everyman 13. Purple Spaceships Over Yatton (original recording) 14. C’est La Vie
15. Do the Stanley

The difficult second album syndrome did not apply to STACKRIDGE having chosen to produce their debut album of songs their audience had not heard before back in 1971. So when the time came to record 'Friendliness' in 1972 they still had a few live favourites in their locker.

A month after 'Friendliness' was released, when in December 1972 they toured Britain with fellow Bristol band The Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra the Sounds music paper described their shows as 'three hours of fun, lust and lunacy'

Remastered by James Warren and Andy Davis with bonus tracks

Andy Davis, James Warren, Mutter Slater, Jim 'Crun' Walter, Mike Evans, Billy Sparkle

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