Big Boy Pete

Big Boy Pete

Follow the angel...


1. The Demo 2. Get Up and Dance 3. The Farm 4. All Down the Road 5. Havana Juana
6. Rudyís in Love 7. My Place 8. Who Stole my Garden? 9. Boleyna 10. Pig
11. The Prayer 12. Guitar Centre on a Saturday Afternoon


BIG BOY PETE is a rockíníroll legend and a veteran of the 60ís English pop scene. He has toured with
Beatles and Rolling Stones and released one of the first English psychedelic songs 'Cold Turkey' which
is included in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, Ohioís list of Psychedelic Classics.

Guitarist and vocalist Peter Miller joined the OFFBEATS in the late 50ís but was lured away to
join PETER JAY & The JAYWAKERS in 1961 who up until 1965 enjoyed immense popularity in the UK.
He then went 'solo' and in 1968 he released the classic 'Cold Turkey'.

In the early 70ís he moved to San Francisco where he continued to record and establish a very
successful studio and The Audio Institute of America (an educational school for recording engineers)
where thousands of students from more than 100 countries have been blissfully unaware that their
Principial is Big Boy Pete!

This album was recorded in the early 70ís and is released for the first time on Angel Air.

Pete Miller. David Merrill, Rob Anderson, Mike Moore, Carl Tassi, Sean Silverman, Bing Nathan, Chuck Dagit, Chuck Foley, Ray Moseley, Terry Dowling

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