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1. Walking Strong - WELCOME
2. Karrola - ZZEBRA
3. 1953 Austin Somerset - QUADRANT
4. Calling Out Your Name - The COOLIES
5. Big Boss Man - McCOY
6. Not As Easy As It Seems - SAMSON
7. Texas Modern - NEO
8. Don’t Be A Dummy - JOHN Du CANN
9. Getting It Upside Down - V.H.F.
10. Tomorrow Or Yesterday - SAMSON
11. No Easy Way (alternative version) - GILLAN
12. No Laughing In Heaven (alternative version) - GILLAN
13. Restless (alternative version) - GILLAN
14. M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) (alternative version) - GILLAN

Disc 2
1. Play It Again - ATOMIC ROOSTER
2. The Russians Are Coming - JOINT FORCES
4. Because You Lied - McCOY
5. Free Mind - McCOY
6. Temporary Threshold Shift - McCOY
7. The Demon Rose - McCOY
8. Fatman - MAMMOTH
9. All The Days - MAMMOTH
10. On And On - McCOY
11. Josephine - McCOY
12. I Know A Place - SUN RED SUN
13. I Don’t Want To Be Responsible - SUN RED SUN
14. Mean Woman Blues - PAUL SAMSON
15. Cannonball - GMT
16. Shaving Cream - THE SPLIT KNEE LOONS

Eccentric, elusive, multi talented, unique, unmistakable physically and musically.

JOHN McCOY is a gem of British Rock History who’s still rocking as hard as ever! At first glance this double album could be mistaken for a Rock Compilation with the long list of rock luminaries listed. It is in fact a long overdue tribute to the man who has not only influenced and inspired a whole generation of bass players, and seemingly a whole plethora of shaved heads and goatee beards (!) but has done so much more.

With in depth notes from McCoy himself and many unseen photographs this double album still only scratches the surface! Closer examination will reveal a fascinating insight into the long career of mega rock acts John
McCoy’s been involved with and throw up a few surprises too.

GILLAN, MAMMOTH, SAMSON, ZZEBRA, ATOMIC ROOSTER, SUN RED SUN, G.M.T. etc etc, are just the tip of this collection, suitably released to commemorate 10 years of Angel Air Records from their first release 'Think Hard Again' by McCOY (SJPCD001) back in 1997.

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