Gary Husband - The Things I See

Gary Husband - The Things I See

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1. The Sixteen Men Of Tain 2. Shadows Of 3. Temporary Fault 4. Out From Under 5. Mr Berwell
6. The Things You See 7. Wish 8. Devil Take The Hindmost 9. Kinder 10. Looking Glass

GARY HUSBAND what can we say? JOHN McLAUGHLIN recently said “A musician whom I have admired for many years, not only for his wizardry at the piano, but for his artistry at the drums. Immense musical talent” Enough said.

Gary is best known as a drummer and has over the past 25 years been bending the rules and breaking down musical boundaries not least with LEVEL 42 but also GARY HUSBAND FORCE MAJEURE.

“The Things I See” is as Gary’s says” Not in the typical sense a “covers” album but instead a fresh, imaginative presentation and mood of ALLAN HOLDSWORTH’s melodies”. Allan said on hearing this album “This recording is beautiful, magic…Upon hearing it, I was moved to tears”




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