Colosseum - Live Cologne 1994

Colosseum - Cologne 1994

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1. Those About to Die 2. Skelington 3. Tanglewood 63 4. Rope Ladder To The Moon 5. Stormy Monday Blues 6. Walking In The Park

While Chris Farlowe sang the blues at Dave Greenslade’s 50th, the remaining original members of Colosseum pushed me into a dark corner to “persuade” me to reform the band. It was 22 years since we had played together but we were still all alive and very much kicking on the music scene. The time might be right. I made enquiries of my agents in Europe - if I put the original line up from the famous live album of 1971 together, would anybody be interested in half a dozen dates? Four days later my German agent called with 30 dates and in 1994-5 we were to play more than 100 fantastic concerts.

We had only been together as a band between September 1968 and November 1971. With only a few days off from continuous live appearances we split up amicably after 3 years and went our several ways. When I look back it seems incredible that the first two Colosseum albums were recorded in the daytime in London studios and around 5 o’clock we packed the gear and went and did gigs! Try that on the stars of today! We decided to put a program of our ‘hits’ together for the tour and I sent CD’s of the old song to all the boys. We met in my studio and I counted in “Those about to die.” It was as though we had been on a short vacation except that somehow we were playing better than ever. Obviously the years between had not been wasted!

The second concert of our reunion tour at the E-Werk in Cologne in 1994 was filmed for TV and subsequent release on video and now DVD (Angel Air Waves-NJPDVD605) The sound was recorded on digital multitrack and mixed in my studio. This CD, the second to be released from this concert contains the tracks not issued previously.

So six very individual characters came together in the late 60’s and survive through to the new millennium as friends and as a music making entity. As I write we are mixing another new studio album and have another 40 or so dates fixed for the Autumn of 2003. We must know something!

Jon Hiseman- June 2003



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