Gillan - Live At Wembley 17 December 1982

Gillan - Live Wembley 17 December 1982

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1. Second Sight 2. What’s The Matter 3. Bluesy Blue Sea 4. Black Night 5. Trouble 6. Born To Kill 7. M.A.D.
8. Hadely Bop Bop 9. Dead Of Night 10. Thunderwood 11. Bite The Bullet 12. Gers Guitar Medley Vol 11
13. Smoke On The Water 14. New Orleans 15. Towns Toons 16. Helter Skelter

The world of rock music has produced many dramatic stories, none more so than that of the final break up of the Gillan band. When it was announced that due to throat problems Ian Gillan would have to take a nine month break from performing, no one thought too much of it at the time. Sure, back in the early eighties, for a band such as Gillan that would regularly do 200 or more dates a year plus a couple of albums, it probably seemed like an eternity though it appeared to many that the other band members would simply spend time working on solo projects, production work etc and re-convene once Ian Gillan had recovered from the medical treatment. However, when a few months later news that Ian was to join Black Sabbath were announced to the press it confounded most people who were involved with the situation back then.

For a band that had spent the past four years building its popularity it came as a major body blow to the other band members. None of this ever seemed to have been explained to the band, which had no idea when it walked off stage at the Wembley Arena on 17th December 1982 that it would turn out to be the final gig. Now Angel Air, and the archives of John McCoy have put together this CD of that historic last ever Gillan concert.



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