Affinity - Live Instrumentals 1969

Affinity - Live Instrumentals 1969

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Jive Samba - Dis Here - Comin' Home Baby - Out Of The Storm - Fever - 13 Death March - All Blues - 81 - A Day In the Life


All Blues - 81 - Mercy,Mercy,Mercy - Jive Samba - On Green Dolphin Street*

* credited to University of Sussex Jazz trio (an early version of Affinity)

At the end of 1968, Affinity's vocalist Linda Hoyle was forced to have an operation on her vocal chords to remove what was then known as 'singer's nodes'. During her absence, the four guys in the band - bass player Mo Foster, guitarist Mike Jopp, organist Lynton Naiff and drummer Grant Serpell - played instrumental music as part of a month-long stint at Ronnie Scott;s Club in London. The first nine tracks on this CD were recorded by the four-piece at the club in January 1969. An extra four tracks are taken from an FM radio broadcast and the final tracks features the University of Sussex Jazz Trio, an early incarnation of Affinity.

Within a few weeks after their Ronnie Scotts' stint, the band were reunited with Linda Hoyle who by then had fully recovered, and they continued thier career ultimately releasing the self-titled album in 1970.

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