Saxon -It's Alive

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Power And The Glory - Rock And Roll Gypsies - Strong Arm Of The Law - Past The Point - Dallas 1PM -
747 (Strangers In the Night) - The Eagle Has Landed - Bitch Of A Place To Be - One More For The Road - Motorcycle Man - Wheels Of Steel - Devil Rides Out


Strong Arm Of The Law

SAXON - those bastions of great traditional heavy metal and part founders of the New Wave of British Heavy metal - are now legends.

When founder members guitarist Graham Oliver and bassist Steve Dawson split from the band they formed Oliver/Dawson Saxon, now a full touring and recording band in their own right playing to sell-out audiences throughout the world.

'It's Alive' was recorded 'live' during a gig in Bradford, England and features a blend of new and old to please the legions of Saxon fans throughout the world.

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