Cry Babys

Cry Babys

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Joes's Song - Rock n Roll Heart - Pub Crawlin' - Marie Marie - Punk Rock - Back Street Girl - I Want You - Damage - Sad Sad Girl - Forever Gone - Staggerin' Lengths - Daily Misery

Honest John Plain first came to the record-buying public's attention as a member of The Boys back in 1977 when they became the first punk band to secure an album deal. As a gifted songwriter he had written several of The Boys' repertoire before moving on to become a member of The Lurkers and co-writing their 'New Guitar In Town' hit which Die Toten Hosen took to Number One in Germany a decade later.

Darrell Bath was hugely influenced by The Lurkers during his early formative years and in 1989 Darrell teamed up with Lurkers bassist Arturo Bassick to join his new band Tower Block Rockers. Honest John then joined and they subsequently formed The Yobs and the Crybabys.

In 1995 Honest John and Darrell got together with Ian Hunter and recorded the classic 'Dirty Laundry' album and Darrell went on to play on Hunter's 'Artful Dodger' album as well as guesting on several tours with him.

'Daily Misery' was recorded during 1996 in Haarlem, Holland with Bartie Slob and Vom Ritchie, and this classic album is now released for the first time. The album combines the best of Honest John and Darrell's outstanding musical talent.

An 8-page full colour booklet includes informative sleeve notes from Steve Metcalfe, The Boys web editor.

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