Steve Peregrine Took

Steve Peregrine Took

Follow the angel...

Scorpius - Lucky Charm - Flophouse Blues (In The Mountain Grill) - Seventh Sign - Days - I Caution You -
Give - Molecular Lucky Charm - Syd's Wine - Flophouse Blues (reprise)

It was 1969 and as one half of the now-legendary Tyrannosaurus Rex, Steve Peregrine Took achieved national fame alongside his partner Marc Bolan. They recorded the critically acclaimed albums 'My People Were Fair', 'Prophets', 'Seers And Sages' and 'Unicorn'. Championed by one John Peel they had a series of hit singles.

A US tour was imminent but there was disharmony within Tyrannosaurus Rex as Marc was furious that Steve had given two of his songs to Twink for his solo album. Add to that the social problems of whom the two musicians hung out with. Marc lived quietly with June and Steve spending his time with like-minded individuals. A split was inevitable. The rest, as they say, is history...enter T Rex.

Steve made numerous guest appearances with Hawkwind and during 1972 recorded these tracks in London, released for the first time ever on CD with an all-star line-up of 'Crazy Diamond', Twink and Larry Wallis.

Steve died on 27 October 1980, a little over 3 years after Bolan was killed in a car accident, the result of choking on a cherry after a cocktail of morphine and magic mushrooms.

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