Melanie - Solo Powered

Melanie - Solo Powered

Follow the angel...

CD1 Brand New Key - Peace Will Come - Ruby Tuesday - Look What They Done To My Song Ma -
The Nickel Song - Someday I'll Be An Old Record - Missing You - Cyclone - Close To It All - Bitter Blue - Friends And Company - Ballerina - Arrow - Ring The Living Bell - Together Alone - Bitter Bad -
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Stop! I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore

CD2 Lay Down/Candles In the Rain - Beautiful People - You Could Have Had Me For A Nickel -
Any Time At All - Every Breath You Take - Life Will Not Go Away - Racing Heart - The Sun And The Moon - The Natural Man - Perceive It - Long Long Time - Freedom Knows My Name - Live Coal -
Ring Around The Moon - How Can I Help You Say Goodbye - Long Train Runnin'

Melanie Safka needs no introduction, having penned and performed numerous pop classics. All have been re-recorded for this two-CD set in an 'unplugged' spine-tingling delivery. She recently performed at the Woodstock 25 year reunion concert. This is the first new Melanie CD for over a decade, and is one to be savoured!

Melanie was the daughter of a one-time jazz singer and started out singing in east coast bars, although an early ambition was to be an actress. She became a singer almost by accident when she atended  an audition for a small part in a play. She was shown into the wrong office - a music publisher's office - by mistake. As she was carrying a guitar with her she was asked to sing and this subsequently led to a contract with Buddah Records.

Melanie attracted a keen following, and she mixed elements of Joni Mitchell and the honest folksiness of the English singer Mary Hopkin. Her album 'Candles In The Rain' went gold and she became the darling of the peace and love movement. In early 1972 she achieved a No.1 U.S. single with perhaps her best-known song 'Brand New Key' (No.4 in the UK) and the album from which that was taken, 'Gather Me', became her second gold album.

Melanie's later albums became a little more stylized but she continues to reach a loyal audience and can be regarded as one of the more influential female singer-songwriters.

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