Steve Dawson - Pandemonium Circus

Steve Dawson - Pandemonium Circus

Follow the angel...

She - All I Want - Step Inside Love - We're Givin' It Up - All We Dreamed Of - "2" Late -
Answer To My Prayer - More Foolin' - Where Can I Hide - Join Hands - Like Marionettes - Wings At Dawn -
Step Inside Love(live) - You "S" Eye - We're Givin' It Up (live) - Motorcycle Man (live)

In 1979 Steve Dawson along with his colleagues Oliver, Byford, Quinn and Gill became Saxon. The rest is rock history. Saxon were at the forefront of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Steve was voted amongst the world's top bass players by readers of Kerrang! magazine and he provided the inspiration for the character Derek Smalls in the spoof film 'Spinal Tap'.

In 1986 Steve was sacked from Saxon, but it was after this time that Steve recorded at numerous studios in England which formed the basis of a solo album which for legal reasons has remained in the vaults - until now.

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