Mott The Hoople

Mott The Hoople - Two Miles From Live Heaven

Follow the angel...


CD1 No Wheels To Ride - Whiskey Woman - Walking With A Mountain/Stones Medley - It'll Be Me -
Angel Of 8th Avenue - Drivin' Sister - All The Young Dudes - All The Way From Memphis - Angeline -
Death May Be Your Santa Claus (wild and rude demo) - Ballad Of Billy Joe (demo) - Rebel (demo) -
It Would Be A Pleasure (demo)

CD2 American Pie - Golden Age Of Rock n Roll - Sucker - Roll Away The Stone/Sweet Jane - Rest In Peace - Here Comes The Queen - One Of The Boys - Born Late 58 - Hymn For The Dudes - Marionette -
Drivin Sister/Crash Street Kids/Violence - All The Way From Memphis - All The Young Dudes

Formed in June 1969 Mott The Hoople consisted of Verden Allen (organ), Dale (Buffin) Griffin (drums), Ian Hunter (vocals,piano), Mick Ralphs (guitar) and Overend Watts (bass). During their stay with Island Records (June 1969 - April 1972) Mott The Hoople recorded four critically acclaimed albums and became one of the country's hottest live acts.

Unfortunately, record sales inexplicably failed to match their live success, and it was only after a move to CBS Records that they finally achieved the commercial break they deserved, with the David Bowie-penned 'All The Young Dudes' bringing chart success followed by seven chart singles and four hit albums until their untimely demise in December 1974.

During this time, the band personnel changed with Ariel Bender (aka Luther Grosvenor) replacing Ralphs on guitar and Allen's keyboard stool occupied by Morgan Fisher, Mick Bolton and, latterly, Blue Weaver. Bender in turn was replaced for the band's last European Tour by Mick Ronson.

Live, Mott The Hoople were an experience: gigs could end up with half the crowd onstage with the band, or half the band in among the crowd! The band demanded a reaction - and got it!

Now from the personal archives of Mick Ralphs and Overend Watts comes a double-CD combining three separate live performances, recorded on tour in the USA during 1971, 1973 and 1974. Featuring both the original, and later, line-ups of the band this selection finds Mott The Hoople at their rampaging best and goes some way towards providing firm evidence (as if that were truly needed) of the band's in-concert prowess.

"Two Miles From Live Heaven" also contains four bonus tracks on CD1 of demos from the period 1969-72 including the rare 'Ballad Of Billy Joe' and 'The Rebel' a track recorded by Silence prior to Ian Hunter joining the band and their name change to Mott The Hoople.

As ever, an informative 16-page booklet is included, written by Keith Smith, editor of the MTH fanzine "Two Miles From Heaven", and features rare unseen photos from Mick Ralphs and Overend Watts' archive. This album is a must-have for any Mott The Hoople fan and the perfect companion to the previous releases on Angel Air (SJPCD029) and (SJPCD061).

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