The Attack - Final Daze

The Attack - Final Daze CD

Follow the angel...

Magic In The Air - Mr Pinnodmy's Dilemma - Freedom For You - Strange House - Feel Like Flying - Too Old -
Go Your Way - Now The Sun Shines - Sleep Like A Child - Roll On - Go Your way (demo) - You Know He Did - My Letters - Earth Tremor - Spaced Out - The Rock Door - Magic In The Air (unplugged)

1967 and John Du Cann joined Attack in what was very much a "Carnaby Street" band. They managed to secure a four-single deal with Decca but as none of the singles charted they weren't allowed to make an album...

They were in demand for gigs up and down the country, supporting the likes of  Ten Years After and Jethro Tull but with Du Cann getting into other projects the band's days were numbered.

Eight of the tracks on this remastered CD have never been released before, and have been drawn from John Du Cann's personal collection of acetates. Among these are three superb jams from 1968 which show that Du Cann pioneered heavy rock stylings coupled with melodic songwriting.This CD is an essential part of Atomic Rooster, and indeed heavy metal, pre-history.

As ever, this exciting Air Angel release is packaged with informative sleeve notes and photos.