The Records - Paying For The Summer Of Love

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The Records - Paying For The Summer Of Love

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Teenarama - Up All Night - Wives And Mothers Of Tomorrow - Girls That Don't Exist - Held Up High -
Coin Machine - Starry Eyes - All Messed Up And Ready To Go - Insomnia - Affection Rejected - The Phone - Hearts In Her Eyes - Coca Cola Jingle - If I Write Your Number In My Book

In July 1977 John Wicks joined the Kursaals (formerly known as the Kursaal Flyers) but three months later the band were no more. John subsequently joined fellow Kursaal, lyricist and drummer Will Birch, and formed The Records together with Phil Brown and Huw Gower.

The tracks released on 'Paying For The Summer Of Love' are the original recordings of the songs which eventually gained the band a record deal with Virgin. They display, however, a raw energy and ragged charm missing from later re-workings for that label. Perhaps best described a post-punk power pop, The Records achieved a US breakthrough hit with 'Starry Eyes'.

'Paying For The Summer Of Love' is pure pop nirvana drawing together a solid treasure trove of album tracks that should have been hits. The 20 page informative full colour booklet includes rare band photos and liner notes from John Wicks and details about all the tracks.