Steve Ellis - The Last Angry Man

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Steve Ellis - The Last Angry Man

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Life User - Hear Your Woman - Hang On Joey - Rag And Bone - Everlasting Love - Blackmail -
Wind And A Lady - Soothe Me - Why Do The Good Guys Die - The Last Angry Man

El Doomo - Shark Shoes - I Lost My Feelings - She's Leaving - War Train - Hold On - Warm Love

In 1977 having fronted three different groups in the previous decade, Love Affair, Widowmaker and Ellis, Steve Ellis began work on a solo album. Produced by Dave Courtney and Tony Meehan it included a cast of all star players, notably Tim Hinkley, Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy), Henry McCulloch (Grease Band, Wings), Henry Spinetti plus Roger Chapman (Family) on backing vocals. However, due to a dispute between the two producers, this album was never released.

Steve retreated to Brighton and took some time out from the excesses of the rock 'n' roll world. Then, as a result of a bad accident and a long period of recuperation he turned again to recording  - in 1983  - the now infamous "Basement days" which are included with this release as bonus tracks.

With a 20-page full colour informative booklet and newly remastered, "The Last Angry Man" is an essential part of the Love Affair story and the "missing link" in Steve's recorded output.