British Lions - Trouble With Women

British Lions - Trouble With Women

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Radio Ad - Trouble With Women - Any Port In A Storm - Lady Don't Fall Backwards - High Noon -
Lay Down Your Love - Waves Of Love - Electric Chair - Won't You Give Him One (More Chance)

BONUS: Radio Ad - One More Chance To Run(demo) - But The Night Is Young(demo) -
The Studio Song - Eat The Rich - Radio Ad - Rising Sun(live) - Come On(live) -
My Life's In Your Hands(live) - Wild One(live) - Radio Promos

British Lions formed in 1977 following the break-up of Mott. The nucleus of that group - Overend Watts, Morgan Fisher, Ray Major and Dale Griffin - combined with one-time Medicine Head front-man John Fiddler and recorded their debut album, released earlier this year by Angel Air (SJPCD065). The formation of the band unfortunately coincided with the advent of punk rock and in spite of achieving chart and live success in the States, they folded soon after the recording of "Trouble With Women". This is the album's first ever release on CD and features numerous bonus tracks.

Informative sleeve notes by Dale Griffin and restored cover artwork make this a splendid companion to the earlier releases on Angel Air.