Morgan Fisher - Ivories

Morgan Fisher - Ivories

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All The Young Dudes - The Decisive Type - Cereal Music - Lydian Theme - Sleeper One - Sleeper Two -
Good One Ralph - Sleeper Three - Sleeper Four - Reverie - Dithyramb - Symmetry - Ingrid - Danse - Kiss -
The Wattnott - Roll Away The Stone

Recorded in 1972 at RCA in Rome at the same time as the recent Angel Air release "Nova Solis". At the time, the producers thought it too avant-garde and so the album was not released until 1984. This is its first outing on CD another piece of the Morgan/Mott jigsaw is completed, with an informative 12-page booklet with Morgan Fisher's own sleeve notes.

In his own words: "Musically this album have me the chance to work in the area somewhere between the Morgan's band music...and the musicial influences I'd been passionately absorbing for several years prior to the formation of the band." Prior to the original release of the album Morgan decided to add a couple of extra Mott-related tracks and snippets of real-life dialogue recorded during his travels and studio sessions with Mott and British Lions. The results provide a fascinating insight to the work of one of rock music's most adventuorous, and original, keyboardists and composers.