McCoy - Live 1977

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McCoy - Live 1977

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Are You Sitting Comfortably? - I'll Be Round (Part 1) - Will You Want Me? - I'll Be Round (Part 2) -
Big Brother - Telephone - Wrong Side Of Time - Loser - Six Foot Under - Cathedral - Love Lace Lady -
The (Roger) Shuffle - Nasty Dogs And Funk Kings - Big Boss Man - So Low - I Wish I Was

This CD celebrates the first-ever line-up of McCoy recorded live at The Target in Reading during the summer of 1977. Stalwart bass player John McCoy (previously with Gillan, later of Mammoth) was joined by guitarist Paul Samson (later of Samson) and powerhouse drummer Roger Hunt. Some of the songs featured on this unique CD later appeared on Samson's groundbreaking first album "Survivors".

The CD booklet features informative liner notes and rare photos of McCoy...with hair.