'Igginbottom's Wrench

'Igginbottom CD: 'Igginbottom's Wrench

Follow the angel...


The Castle - Out Of Confusion - The Witch - Sweet Dry Biscuits -California Dreamin' - Golden Lakes -
Not So Sweet Dreams - Is She Just A Dream? - Blind Girl - The Donkey

When you've got Allan Holdsworth in your line-up, we're not talking average sixties beat combo. Holdsworth is the guitarist's guitarist who has become one of the most respected jazz-fusion players. But back in 1969, together with three young men from Bradford in Yorkshire, he formed the band known as 'Igginbottom.

Producing and managing the band at this time were three guys from one of the sixties most successful "pop" bands "The Love Affair": bassist Michael Jackson, drummer Maurice "Mo" Bacon and keyboardist Morgan Fisher. According to Jackson "The music they were playing was like nothing I had ever heard before, and the standard of their musicianship was incredibly high." Their first London gig was at the renowned Ronnie Scotts Club in the company of such legends as Barney Kessel. For Morgan Fisher: "These musicians were light years ahead of the rest of us - all I felt we could do was to make sure that everything was well recorded."

Back in 1969 the late Ronnie Scott wrote in the original sleeve notes:"'Igginbottom are unique and completely original...They may well be the first group that has, completely naturally and unselfconsciously, evolved out of the ever-converging directions of good pop and jazz".

"Disc & Music Echo" described the original album as "...by any standards, quite exceptional..." Judge for yourself and investigate this first-to-CD release for a jazz fusion masterpiece, with extensive and informative sleeve notes by Dale "Buffin" Griffin (Mott The Hoople).

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