Mott The Hoople - Rock n Roll Circus Live In 1972

Mott The Hoople - Rock n Roll Circus

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One Of The Boys - Ballad Of Mott - Darkness,Darkness - Sweet Angeline - Thunderbuck Ram -
Mr Bugle Player(Mr Tamborine Man) - Honky Tonk Woman - Till I'm Gone - The Moon Upstairs -
Rock N Roll Queen - Midnight Lady

April 1972 was a major turning point for Mott The Hoople as they were between record contracts, having left Island and prior to signing with CBS.

This recording captures the band live with a classic set of approximately 66 minutes, six of the featured songs have never before been released live. Die-hard Mott The Hoople fans will not be disappointed, as well as those who seek a slice of rock 'n' roll history.

Compiled by members of the band, with rare photos and posters,and interviews with all including Verden Allen and Ian Hunter in a 20 page booklet.

A wonderful companion to the other great Angel Air release, "All The Way From Stockholm To Philadelphia" (SJPCD029)

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