Five Day A Week Straw People

The Five Day Week Straw People

Follow the angel...

- Pease note this title temporaily withdrawn -


Five Day Week Straw People - I'm Going Out Tonight - Gold Digger - Postmen - Car Wash -
Feel Like Having A Party - Sunday Morning? - Does It Rain! - If You Were Around - Dust Is In My Eyes

Plus 'Life After Decca' 9 Bonus Tracks by 'The Attack'

Magic In The Air - Mr Pinnodmy's Dilemma - Freedom For You - Strange House - Feel Like Flying - Too Old - Go Your Way - Now The Sun Shines - Sleep Like A Child

When "Record Collector" magazine prices the original 1967 vinyl at £75 and calls it "an indispensable album in a beautiful period piece sleeve", a CD release with bonus tracks is almost as intriguing.  Released in the heady "swinging sixties" and featuring John Du Cann, who subsequently went on to play in Andromeda, and more noticeably, Atomic Rooster this album takes you right back to the days when London was the centre of the universe and kipper ties were king.

This release also features the pre-FDWSP band 'The Attack' including the planned fifith Decca single called "Feel Like Flying". This band signed to the Ellis-Wright agency (which later morphed into Chrysalis Records) and shared the bill with names such as Ten Years After and Jethro Tull.

It was between 'The Attack' and Andromeda that John Du Cann was asked to come up with a psychedeilc album for a small independent label (Saga). He was ushered to a "studio" in North London with band-mates Mick Hawksworth, bass, and Jack Collins on drums. The studio turned out to be child's nursery and had none of the subleties of a normal studio including a lack of studio equipment! The band perservered and under the supervision of Roy Thomas Baker's tape operator recorded a ten-track album in four hours.

This Angel Air release includes extensive sleeve notes by Dale Griffin (Mott The Hoople) and a full colour CD booklet with rare photographs.

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