Andromeda - Definitive Collection

Andromeda - Definitive Collection

Follow the angel...


CD1 Too Old - The Day Of The Change - Now The Sun Shines - Turns To Dust (Discovery-Sanctuary-Determination) - Return To Sanity (Breakdown - Hope - Conclusion) - The Reason -
I Can Stop The Song - When To Stop (The Traveller - Turning Point - Journey's End) - Go Your Way -
Keep Out Cos I'm Dying - The Garden Of Happiness - Return To Exodus - Journey's End (reprise) -
Let's All Watch The Sky Fall Down - Darkness Of Here Room - See Into The Stars

CD2 The Day Of The Change - The Reason - Return To Sanity - Keep Out Cos I'm Dying - Search On -
Ode To The Sea - Lonely Streets - Sleep Like A Child - I Was Left Behind - I Just Wanna Live My Life -
The Lodger - Dreamland - Round House Blues (live) - Walking On (live) - I'm Searching (live) - Acidus (live) - All In You - Step This Way

This is a definitive 2-CD account of one of the seminal UK prog-rock bands of the late sixties. Beefed out with never before released material, including five tracks recorded for the John Peel "Top Gear" show during October 1968 and three tracks recorded live at the Roundhouse and Covent Garden, London in 1967. Remastered and fully annotated by guitarist and band founder John Du Cann, this release also provides a connection to Atomic Rooster with whom Du Cann featured in 1970.

Andromeda developed out of Du Cann's band The Attack who at this time were supporting bands such as The Yardbirds on the London gig circuit. After producing an album for the budget label Saga, with a "thrown-together" band called Five Day Week Straw People, Du Cann formed Andromeda with Mick Hawksworth (bass) and Jack Collins (drums) - whose brother was Jimmy McCulloch (sometime guitarist in Paul McCartney's band Wings).

As Du Cann recalls, when the album was originally released it received great reviews " wasn't just a basic rock album, it had a few light-and-shade parts in it and went into different little instrumental passages and things." That album is presented in its entirety on CD1 whilst live tracks and demos (for a projected second album) are on CD2.

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