Morgan - The Sleeper Wakes

Morgan - The Sleeper Wakes

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Fire In The Head - The Sleeper Wakes - The Right - What Is - Is What

Keyboard player Morgan Fisher achieved international fame with Mott The Hoople during their heyday in the early 70s. Prior to this, he had featured in the chart-topping Love Affair with Mo Bacon and Bob Sapsed who also play on this album. Joining them, Tim Staffell who supplies the cover artwork for this release was previously the singer-songwriter in a band called Smile (which featured Roger Taylor and Brian May later of Queen).

"The Sleeper Wakes" was recorded in Rome in 1973 and features pioneering use of the then recently manufactured VCS3 synthesizer. It will appeal to all lovers of progressive rock and the classical overtones recall The Nice, Gentle Giant,King Crimson and Egg amongst others.

This album was released in 1977 in the US by Passport Records under the title "Brown Out". The tapes have now been remastered by Angel Air and together with an informative inlay written by Morgan Fisher (and an introduction by Brian May) this is the definitive release for a seminal album.

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