British Lions - Live And Rare

British Lions- Live And Rare

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LIVE One More Chance To Run - Fork Talkin' Man - My Life's In Your Hands - Wild In The Streets
- Booster - Medley: So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll - Pretty Vacant -
Break This Fool - Love Now

RARE One More Chance To Run(demo) - Wild In The Streets (demo) - Booster (demo) -
Big Drift Away (demo) - Coming Through (rehearsal track) - Acoustic Chair (home demo) -
Electric Chair (rehearsal track)

British Lions were formed in 1976 consisting of ex-Mott's Dale "Buffin" Griffin (drums,vocals)and Overend Watts (bass,vocals), Ray Major (guitar), Morgan Fisher (keyboards) and John Fiddler (lead vocals, guitar) formerly of Medicine Head. The band achieved some success in the States.

The band cut two albums for RSO(USA) ajnd Phonogram (UK) which are now long deleted. This Angel Air release fills an important gap in The Lions' recording history with 15 tracks in total. The eight live tracks were recorded during their USA tour in 1978 whilst the "rare" tracks include previously unreleased demos and rehearsal tracks.

Lovingly compiled by Dale Griffin with input from all band members this is the definitive release by this great band. As with all Angel Air releases, the comprehensive sleeve notes throw fresh light on the band's history with rare photographs throughout.

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