Fandango- Slipstreaming/Future Times

Follow the angel...


CD1(Slipstreaming): Candice/Larene - Rocky Road Blues - Independent Man (Hey Mama) -
The Stallion(inst) - Slipstreaming - Schoolhouse Party - Sister - Mississippi Lady - Time Will Tell
Just Another Day - Wish I'd Never Woke Up

CD2(Future Times): Pull Out & Start Again - I'll Never Get Over You - Get Down, Lay Down -
She Was My Friend - Future Times - Undercover Man - Something's Burning - Hard Drink & Easy Women
Is My Love In Vain - The Point Of No Return

This intriguing Angel Air release spotlights two albums produced in the wake of punk rock and seemingly destined to be overlooked in the history of heavy rock.

Fandango developed out of that other seminal seventies heavy rock outfit, Warhorse (also the subject of two Angel Air releases). Nick Simper, original bassist for Deep Purple, joined with ex-Warhorse guitarist Peter Parks along with drummer Ron Penny and vocalist James Proops.

Their first album, "Slipstreaming" was recorded and originally released on a small German label in 1979. The second album, "Future Times", was recorded and released the following year with Mac Poole, former Warhorse drummer, replacing Penny.

Now available for the first time on CD, this release includes two singles and bonus tracks never before available on CD. As ever, this package is completed by comprehensive liner notes and band photographs. The album is a must for any fan of British Rock and a real gem for any collector of Deep Purple related items.

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